We develop beautiful DotNetNuke modules

Aug 03 2015
Hi early bird,

It is good to be early, but I haven't got much for you yet. I am working on it though...

So when is it? Well I am working on that to.

Still here, you can use the time to read about me...

... alright, the first module will be a count down module so I can tell you when the other modules are coming.

My goal

Aug 01 2015
A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward achieving it. I want to provide hight quality free and affordable modules for DotNetNuke.

Modules should be easy to use and advanced functions should be well documented. High quality should be achieved by following good coding practice and performing extensive tests on all supported browsers and platforms.

Customers should be able to find solutions to common support issues, and new solutions should be made public to help others.

Website History

Aug 01 2015
The dotnetnuke.dk site was created on June 27, 2003. The site was created to provide information for DotNetNuke developers on how to develop their own modules in both Microsoft Visual Basic and Microsoft Visual C#.

The site also contained a number of free but very useful modules. Originally these modules was samples with source code for other developers to learn from, but some became so popular that they was updated and maintained up to DotNetNuke version 4. The most successful module was the multi content module, which where able to show multiple pages of content inside a single module.

The site also provided a bulleting board module and data access layer development tool called the DAL builder. The DAL builder could code generate source code for a full working data access layer used by modules, in both C# and Basic. The DAL builder started as a on-line tool, but became a full blow Windows application.

Today the site focus on providing nice and easy to use high quality modules.